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CDM Oilfield Services Ltd. Offers a wide range of services for the Oil and Gas Industry to Commercial Needs.   

We strive to meet customer requirements, exceed customer expectations, and to identify future customer needs. Our long term focus is building genuine customer loyalty by putting the customer first, doing it right the first time, and by going the extra mile.
We offer competitive pricing and always strive to exceed customer expectations in the areas of safety, dependability, and professionalism. 

List of Services 

Combo/ Vac 

Mud Cans, Steaming, Tank Cleaning, Fluid Hauling, TDG Spills,
Flock Tank Cleaning, Oil Lease Cement Jobs, Foam Jobs, Lease Clean Ups
Vacuum Services for car washes. 
Oil, Water, Drill Cuttings, Slop, Sand and other Disposal.

Coil Tubing


Rod Side

CVIP Inspection
VKP TDG Tank Inspection 
Engine Diagnostics and  Repairs
Brake and Suspension Repair
Mobile Assistance
Deletes and Off-Highway Tuning

Skid Steer

 Road Allowances
New and Existing Fence Lines
Disaster Clean Up
Pipe Line Clearing
Right of Way Clearing
Commercial and Residential Land Clearing
New Roadway Clearing
Yard Clean Up
Tree Removal

Our Services

CDM Oilfield Service's Fleet Consists of: 

6 Combo/ Vaccum Trucks with 10+ m3 debris tanks equipped with supplied air, safety showers, eye wash stations and first aid kits. 

2  Straight Vaccum Trucks mainly used for cleaning up non-hazardous waste and sumps. 

3 Semi Vaccum Trucks with a 31 m3 debris tank. 

2 Maintenance Trucks equipped with pickers and a hydraulic torque wrench. 

A Skid Steer with 72" Sweeper, 100” Snow Bucket, 8’ Bucket Wedge, Pallet Forks, Tooth Bucket and Mulcher Attachments 

3 6kw Light Towers and 1 20kw Light Tower 

2 Coil Units

1 Pressure Truck